Thursday, December 9


Above are pictured our new line of t-shirts, featuring some graphics by friends of ours Oliver Shaw and Kate Prior.

The more keen eyed and witted of you may have noticed a common theme with these and with our new line of decks which are pictured somewhere further down in the recesses of our blog, that theme being 'Space'. UFOs, the moon, aliens, space travel and the like. We had a plan this time for our Welcome branded product to unify them under a common theme and make some noise when the full collection dropped but somehow things got in the way, graphics were late, production was delayed and instead of everything arriving in a single delivery the boards and tees came through weeks apart, with other items still to come. In the next few weeks we will have a zine that pools all the graphics and makes sense of the theme and some nice starry pocket tees, these things are imminent but there's no way we're going to put a date on delivery given the trouble we've already had. So instead of the glorious fanfare for the arrival of the new products we anticipated we have this sedate lesson in getting things done, no matter how well you plan things they will always take longer than you think and there's no way you can account for the winter weather or production lead times in China.

Next time around we have something even grander planned but we're confident everything will go swimmingly, fingers crossed.

Anyway, the snow is clearing and its almost Christmas and the high street is suffering so please go out and spend whatever you can afford in independent stores and not online, as otherwise in a few years there will be no independent stores left and that would be a real shame. We don't want a homogenised high street with every city looking the same, that would be a very uninteresting world.