Wednesday, August 18


In the interests of balance and objectivity, we would like to offset yesterday's post with this video, brought to you by the letters Matt Irving, Transworld's annual 'Skate & Create' contest and some obscure German shoe company.

Rather irritatingly, you are going to have to click the link and watch it on the S&C page of the Transworld site as you have to have Vimeo Plus to embed the code. Ah well.

Again, all you kerrazy ADD internet fiends have probably seen this already - and for the stair-counters among you they have just put up the Fallen clip - but your friendly local skateboard store caters to all ages and interests, and some of us are big fans of Matt Irving's work, so there.

The Etnies one is due up on Friday, but to be honest, we can't wait for "Lakairomania"...