Tuesday, August 17


All you crazy internet fiends out there have probably seen this by now, but we still think it's worth a look, and you never know - some of you may have missed it...

Skateboarding' s answer to Marmite, Mr Paul Rodriguez, proves he's all grown up now by sporting a beard in the latest artfully shot commercial for his new Nike SB shoe, the Zoom Paul Rodriguez 4.

He appears to have abandoned the streets of LA (and a burgeoning friendship with a crazy motherf***er named Ice Cube) in favour of The Big Apple and the East Coast stylings of the illmatic Nas, judging from the commercial:

If you want to know more about the shoes, and colourways, and all the tech features hidden in the simple design, then go and check out the jazzy website, and in the meantime we'll see if we can get our hands on some for you guys.